Contact Lenses

Almost anyone who wears spectacles can wear contact lenses, including people who require multifocal lenses. New technology means contact lenses are clearer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever; they provide a full field of unobstructed vision, freedom of movement unmatched by spectacles, additional flexibility to take on new activities with crisper vision and are also a great way to update your image.

Whether you are already a contact lens wearer, or are considering contact lenses for the first time, Weisz Family Optical can provide expert advice on the correct type, fit, prescription, use and care of your lenses for your eyes and lifestyle – from the leading global manufacturers, such as:

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Corrective contact lenses can improve vision for individuals with the following conditions:

Lens types

Soft contact lenses are most commonly prescribed, correct most types of focussing errors, and are generally comfortable to use and wear. They are suitable for people who play indoor and outdoor sports and those who don’t want to wear lenses every day.

Rigid contact lenses are more appropriate for a wider range of correction and for more complex prescriptions, are more durable than soft lenses, and do not need to be replaced as often. Wearers may require some time before comfort levels are achieved.

Hybrid lenses combine the initial comfort of soft lenses with the clarity of hard lenses, using high oxygen lens materials.

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