Optometrists are primary health care providers, being the first point of professional contact for people experiencing problems with their eyes or have difficulty seeing. Optometrists have a unique role in providing accessible and vital eye care to the community. Apart from general practice, optometry is the only profession to have its consultations covered by Medicare without the need for a referral.

Optometrists are experts in: the optics of lenses, eye health and visual performance. They assess, diagnose and manage ocular diseases, injuries and disorders across a wide range of patients. Where clinically necessary, optometrists prescribe spectacles, contact lenses and devices for the visually impaired.

Some optometrists specialise in work with the elderly, children or persons who are partially-sighted. Some specialise in the treatment of ocular conditions through prescribing therapeutic medications. Other specialist areas include contact lenses, sports vision, visual ergonomics, colour vision and vision therapy.

Optometrists are registered health professionals. In order to practice optometry a university degree in optometry must be undertaken and optometrists must be registered by the Optometry Board of Australia.

Optometrists Association of Australia

The Optometrists Association Australia is the peak professional body for Australian optometrists. The Association represents over 4000 members and is is committed to assisting optometrists to deliver quality eye and vision care services across Australia.

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Cornea & Contact Lens Society

The Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia (CCLSA) is dedicated to promoting research, professional development and networking in the cornea and contact lens field. For more information on the CCLSA, click here.

Orthokeratology Society of Oceania

The Orthokeratology Society of Oceania (OSO) is dedicated to promoting research, professional development and networking in the orthokeratology field. Orthokeratology is the non-surgical means of correcting vision while you sleep – the “reduction, modification or elimination of a refractive error by the programmed application of contact lenses”. Weisz Family Optical Dream Lenses for this purpose. For more information on OSO, click here.