Spectacles (or glasses as they are most commonly known) consist of frames and lenses.

Weisz Family Optical stocks a wide range of fashion frames from leading designers and brands.

WFO Glasses Brands

While fashion influences most people’s choice of spectacles, Weisz Family Optical only stocks frames that boast a sturdy construction and good quality finish. Other features to prolong the life of your frame include well-mounted nose pads that don’t rattle and spring loaded hinges to allow flex.

It doesn’t matter how good a frame looks if it doesn’t fit well or match your face. This is where Weisz Family Optical’s experience and attention to detail comes to the fore.

A frame must:

  • be appropriate for your prescription and for your lenses;
  • be large enough to fit both the distance and near portions of multifocal lenses;
  • fit the bridge of your nose without slipping. Finished spectacles are heavier than the frame alone. Different frames fit different shaped noses;
  • not rest on your cheeks. Smile with the frame on – if it rides up, then it’s sitting on your cheeks, not your nose.

General rules when choosing a frame:

  • Frames should not project above your eyebrows.
  • A frame that sits high on your face produces a ‘surprised’ expression.
  • A ’round’ face is better suited to angular frames that are wider than they are deep. Your face will look narrower.
  • A ‘square’ face is better suited to oval frames. Avoid angular frames. They accentuate angular features.
  • A ‘heart-shaped’ face (tapering towards the chin) is better suited to rimless or frames with lower outer corners. Avoid wide frames or ‘cats-eye’ styles.
  • A ‘triangular’ face (broader at the jaw than at the eyeline) needs a strong, dominant frame the same width as the jaw to provide balance.