You only get one pair of eyes

The need to keep your eyes healthy and safe is obvious; so let’s examine some key factors of eye health:


Good nutrition is good for eye and general health. A balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish provides essential antioxidants that support good eye function.

A variety of foods contain antioxidants, which can help you maintain your eye health.

Nutritional supplements that support an inadequate diet should only be taken in consultation with your optometrist or other qualified health professional.

For more information about nutrition, including antioxidants and their properties, click here.

UV and blue ray protection

You may be aware of the dangers of UV exposure to your skin, but are you aware that your eyes are vulnerable to UV damage anytime of the day, anytime of the year?

Almost 60 per cent of Australians believe it is only the midday sun that poses the greatest UV threat but this not the case. UV exposure to the eye before 10am and after 2pm may be higher than during the middle of the day on some days due to the angle of the sun in relation to the eye.

5 ways to avoid UV damage

1. Always use UV protective lenses in combination with other UV protective measures such as remaining in the shade, wearing a hat and sunscreen
2. Make UV eye protection part of your everyday routine, even on days when you believe the sun’s rays may be less harmful
3. Reduce UV exposure as much as possible
4. Wear a broad-brimmed hat. It can reduce the amount of UV reaching your eyes by 50 per cent
5. For sport, consider durable, glare reduction sunglasses or UV protective contact lenses

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Cataracts and macular degeneration

It is never too late to start preventative action to avoid cataracts and macular degeneration. This is of particular importance in Victoria where there is very little ozone cover. Sunglasses and UV filters are helpful, but not enough for complete protection. We will explain your options and recommend the appropriate solution to safeguard your sight.

Eye safety at work

Sixty per cent of all eye injuries happen at work making it imperative for employers and employees to reduce the risk of eye accidents.

Most eye injuries can be prevented making sure you have appropriate prescription and non-prescription eyewear for the work you’re doing.

Weisz Family Optical conducts vision screenings, professional consultations, and individually tailored programs for local businesses to help keep employees safe from eye injuries.

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Eye safety at home

Most eye injuries in the home can be prevented by taking simple precautions. Many home maintenance or DIY projects require eye protection.

The most common causes of eye injuries are:

  • Impact
  • Dust
  • Chemicals
  • Heat
  • Visible radiation
  • Ultraviolet radiation

For more information about eye safety around the house (garden, and in the workshop), protective eye equipment and emergency procedures, click here.